Susan Nelson Sculpture and Stonemasonry





Restoration of the doorway at Bampton church

Bampton Church (108 kB)

Replacement for a large crocket which had weathered

A large crocket (79 kB)


Over the years I have been involved with many restoration projects but most of the time I haven’t managed to take photographs or was unable to get back to the site after the scaffolding came down. So the work shown here centres on just a few examples.


St Mary’s Church Abergavenny

St Mary’s Church Abergavenny has one of the largest collections of medieval monuments in Britain. During the 1990s a major conservation programme was undertaken as many of the monuments were dirty and suffering from the effects of damp. During previous periods such as the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII and iconoclastic vengeance during the civil war they had also been much damaged. Conservator Michael Eastham was in charge of the whole project and I was drafted in to make new pieces of alabaster to replace the missing parts. In no way did we cut or default the original pieces, but made new pieces to fit as snugly as we could to the old parts. In all I was involved with five of the monuments. With Richard of Coldbrook we undertook to replace whole missing panels.


Richard of Coldbrook

Richard of Coldbrook (56 kB)

William ap-Thomas

William ap-Thomas (85 kB)